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Ah yes, getting away from it all and going on "Island Time" really can change your outlook on things.  Here we have some photos of us "Going where the weather suits our clothes."

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"Changes in Latitudes..."

July 2008
Key West
May, 2008
Buffy's Trip to Alaska
November, 2007
Myrtle Beach
Key West
May, 2007
Key West
August, 2006
Key West
April, 2006
Cruisin' in late May/early June of 2005 with another couple we know.
Foster and Buffy made excursions to Disney World, Sea World and Animal Kingdom in Feb. 2005 while Scott was working in the area.
Paris!  Nope, not quite.  This was a Vegas in December trip that we took with 4 other couples in 2003.
View photos of our trip to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica during the Winter of 2000.
We also took a trip to Cancun in early Summer 2000.
The beaches are nice but we also enjoy the mountains.  Here are some photos of us on a Chalet Weekend in the Smokies with some friends.
One the many nice features of Knoxville is the abundance of recreational activity available.  Here are a few examples of the possibilities.