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We bought our 17' 6" V8 Thundercraft in 1997.  In learning the area waterways, from which there are many to choose due to TVA, we initially settled on a nice area called "The Sandbar" in Watts Bar Lake near the Kingston Steam Plant.  This was nice for the ability to "off load," play water/sand volleyball, and find plenty of smooth water for skiing and kneeboarding.

Update -- We sold our boat in the summer of 2005 but still have the bug (especially Scott).  Hopefully we can return to boat ownership with a vessel the whole family can comfortably enjoy within a few years.

The scenery and the company (Mark C., Buffy, Jeff and Bethany B.)
Scott attempts to do some skiing and kneeboarding (above and below)
Below:  Now Jeff shows us how it's done.


One time, thanks to my association with Sea Ray, I had the opportunity to use the Big Boy Boats.  I tried to take full advantage.  Foster even got to take a ride on a Cabin Cruiser at only a few weeks old.  Unfortunately, I don't have many good shots of the boats themselves but they were certainly impressive.  

The 290AJ, why so small a pic for a big boat?  I don't know!
Foster takes a cruise!
Scott at the helm of the 290!
Kendra with Haverly wondering what the poor people are doing today.
Jeff and Tamera have moved but got this last boat ride in.
The 270SD
Scott thinks he can drive it.
I know these two can't! Phil and Rob showing Big Boat Muscle!
My favorite boat ride -- up the TN river to Neyland Stadium!

It helps to have friends

Some friends of ours (Jeff and Michele A.) have a place on Watts Bar Lake which makes another nice boating retreat from time to time.

Relaxing on the dock.
A peaceful look back at the house.
Chloe, the Wonder Dog.