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In the summer of 2000, we once again found ourselves in a celebratory mood.  This time we were trying to get some R&R prior to Scott starting his job at Sea Ray.  We were lucky in that our last minute planning provided for a great deal on an all-inclusive trip and we had some friends in Nashville looking to do the same thing.  Some of the images below are available for full size viewing (just click on them to find out).

Bethany and Jeff, our travel partners
We Love Vacation!
The Blue Paradise -- Fine dining at our Resort
Inside the Blue Paradise
Sun setting over the lagoon outside our window.
A view up the beach from our hotel.   I think there is a parasail in action as well.
The ill-fated trip to Senor Frogs.  The lightness is actually just how smoky is was!
The obligatory photo to say we did actually go there.
Ah, most everyone's favorite part of the trip - Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins)
The pyramid is like a giant calendar and on the same latitude as the Egyptian Pyramids!
You can climb inside the pyramid to see this.
Of course, the going ain't easy.
Or, you can climb outside the pyramid for a view like this.
Again, it isn't easy and there are ZERO safety precautions!
I was fascinated by the statue at the top here.  They used to throw people's hearts onto it as a sacrifice.
There are 91 steps to the top of the pyramid x 4 sides = 364 days plus the 'cap' at the top for 365.
The Mayans used this observatory to learn all this amazing stuff.
Cancun itself is very Americanized and commercial.