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We got the chance to go away for a week to Vegas with some friends from Scott's MBA class in December of 2003.  We had a blast exploring the Strip and touring the Hoover Dam not to mention doing some gambling (low roller style of course).  It was Scott's third trip to the desert town but his longest ever stay and it was Buffy's first time to experience this phenomenon.

A view from our hotel room.
The same view at night.
Another view from the hotel.
And again at night.
We could see the Mirage volcano from our room.
Here is the Mirage volcano erupting.  Click on it for a really short video.
Cameras and cell phones are no-no's in the casinos especially when playing but I did manage to sneak this one in of Buffy at the slots.
Camera face off with Jeff Abbott.
Scott presents Lake Mead (behind Hoover Dam).
This is the generator room (500 ft down inside Hoover Dam).
Hoover Dam from the Visitor's Center.
The long building extending from the dam is the generator room.
Here we are on the Visitor's Center observation deck.
A look into Black Canyon as the Colorado River continues past Hoover Dam.
Buffy on top of the dam with Vistor's Center in background (Visitor's Center cost more than original dam project).
One of four intake towers behind the dam.
Lake Mead was at 30 year low due to lack of snowfall in Rockies.  The highest level was last seen in 1996.
Behind the dam with all four intake towers in sight.
My flash was off so this group shot is a little dark -- too bad.
Buffy and Jeff over Lake Mead.
I'm pretty sure this is Lake Mead Marina.
Shania on her part of the Freemont Street Experience.
The group observes Freemont's tunnel of lights.
Scott in the Venetian.
The same shot with Buffy and a flash.
Buffy outside the Paris Hotel and Casino.
The full tower in daylight.
Buffy cosies up to the Flamingo's outside the Flamingo of course!
Christmas inside the Luxor.
In the MGM Grand, we got to walk under the lions.
It was Billboard Music Awards night but we couldn't see much red carpet action from this viewpoint.
Erik Estrada did make a side appearance and posed for pictures but I couldn't talk Buffy into jumping into the fray.
Just what Vegas needs -- more lights for Christmas!
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at the Flamingo was set to open the day we left so we just missed it.  I took this without stopping my walk -- not a good idea.
We kept looking for the Grand Canyon on the way home but all we saw were desert mountains.