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Christmas 2004
The house this year.
Picture used for Christmas Card.
Foster with his new computer.
Auburn with Great Grandpa.
Foster fulfills his duties,
Auburn looking cute.
Auburn feeds baby.
Auburn rides the rocking horse.
Foster with his new DVD player.
Foster takes a turn on the horse.
Oh boy, time to unwrap.
Foster with Daddy.
Foster took this one of Granddaddy.
Nana is as excited as Foster I think.
Papa reads to Foster.
Foster is getting pumped!
Auburn still standing there.
Too many cameras or slow trigger finger.
Grant plays piano with Auburn.
Auburn carries big bear.
GG hold Auburn and her baby.
Auburn with a shy look.
Could she be a hockey player?
Here she is with Papa.
Trying to catch a shot of all the cousins - difficult.
Auburn and Foster take time to play.
Foster gives Aunt Jane a big hug.
The Foster-Grant Team.
Foster caught one!
Our little shutter bug.
GG and Papa
Grant holds Auburn.
Mom and Dad