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Christmas 2005
Auburn poses by the tree.
Now she sits on mommy's lap.
Time to open!
Auburn reads her book by herself.
Then she sits with granddaddy.
Hours of entertainment.
Tired parents.
Foster is excited of course.
Foster and Havery play Balloon Lagoon.
Foster and Aunt Jane.
Still wanting to watch Santa.
Foster gives Auburn a hug.
"Will you put my T-Rex Mountain together daddy?"
Foster hugs daddy and granddaddy for this picture -- without coaching.
GG with Auburn.
Here is the family in action on Christmas Day!
Foster and Auburn enjoy some window seating.
Auburn getting in some "Nana time."
Foster gets his turn too.
Daddy finally caved on the T-Rex question.
Tickle your toes great-grandpa?
Time to open yet?
Oh boy, we're opening!
Hello daddy, "I'm busy."
"I wonder what this is?"
"Yeah, alright!"
"I don't need any help mommy"
Foster with the L-Max.
Our visit with Santa.
This year's Christmas Card.