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Key West - Again!
As expected, we made our return to Key West very quickly.  We've really enjoyed our trips there to reconnect as a couple.  This was no exception as we had another great vacation in Key West.  This time we felt very much like regulars if not locals.  Scott now actually has a standing job offer there.  Of course, Buffy could easily find a job there so who knows, right?  It is just such a neat place but so expensive!  Well, enjoy these pictures until we can go again.  When might that be?  Hmmmm.    

A view from the hotel balcony to Mallory Square (3 nights free - worth over $1,000!)
Scott relaxes by the pool.
Buffy does the same.
The ills of travelling alone -- many self portraits.
But sometimes the self portraits turn out okay.
It helps to be using a digital camera so as not to be wasting film.
Caroline Street #1
"There's a woman goin' crazy on Caroline Street.."

Silly, but fun!
Scott marks the beginning of US 1.
On the other side of the street, Buffy marks the end of US 1.
As Key West veterans now, we know how to rub shoulders with the local celebrities.  Here Buffy meets Captain Tony who proposed -- again.  He turned 90 a few days later.
Buffy takes a break along the Harbor Walk.
We couldn't resist taking this back home.
We got some help with this picture.  Thanks, Mango!
Lunch by the beach -- wouldn't be too hard to get used to!
Open air lunch -- no tropical storm today as originally feared.
A view of our new digs at the Conch House for the last 2 of our 5 night stay (hotel points used up).
A view from our balcony at the Conch House.
Another view looking down Truman toward Duval Street.
This is looking back into the Conch House from the balcony.
One more self portrait -- we must like ourselves a little.
Passing through Mallory Square on our last day in town, Buffy soaks up the view until next time.