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Christmas 2006
Love the expresses even if not toward the camera.
Auburn opens the first of many gifts.
A Cars night light!
Cars comforter.
Cinderella night light.
Ah man, just clothes!
Buffy's mom and grandma as reindeer.
Auburn says, "Hey, I got money!"
Crystal for Buffydeer.
New movies!
Foster is so excited.
Christmas morning. So much to absorb!
Grandaddy's tree - well done.
Stocking hung on the railing with care.
Buffy poses with Scott's sister.
Foster and Beary in front of the tree.
Auburn models her new Hello Kitty robe.
It's...Lottery Tickets!
More Lottery Tickets?  Maybe a check.
Havery gets her turn.
Oh boy, my turn again!
Presents from Mr. Tom next door.
We both got new robes.
Check out my colors man!
Hoping it's not over yet.
The women of the 4 generations.
Gathered around the dinner table don't you know.
School time for GG with a new computer.
Foster checks out his new Fly Pen.
Looks like it has been a long day for Auburn.
Kiss me baby!
I'm just playing.
Playing games with Mike.
MM&M about to hit the road.
Foster works a puzzle with Nana.
Goin' to Nanny and Pops!
Foster and Haverly, "Cooking"
Haverly hugs Auburn.
Playing during extended stay at Nana's.
Piano playing the hard way.
Foster and Auburn play marbles.
Still just playing.
The family on Christmas day.
The kids with Nanny and Pops.
Hey, I think there's something else in here.
Oh yeah!
Auburn plays with Lucky dog.
I got a new movie!
It was a great Christmas!