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Key West - 2007
Our 2006 trips to Key West were so much fun we decided to go again in 2007.  This time, we wanted to have even more time so we could explore at a leisurely pace.  We settled on a one-week (7 nights) rather than the 4 and 5 night stays of previous trips.  The Cypress House would be our home base.  It was very nice and convenient.  We would certainly recommend it.  Once again, we really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Key West and continue to be amazed by this crazy little rock at the end of the road.

Our room -- said to be haunted but fortunately we had no encounters.
Here we stop by Captain Tony's where we hear the ex-mayor is still doing well.
A local told us it is tradition to try to toss a quarter in the fish's mouth -- atop the sign (Buffy tried but no success).
Captain Morgan and the Morganettes start off the Annual Minimal Regatta.
Minimal Regatta:
1 sheet 4x8 1/4" plywood, 2  2x4's, 1 lb fasteners, 1 roll duct tape, no caulk, no adhesives, painting optional =
Maximum Fun.
This a very popular local event we were just lucky to get to see.
Meet Sushi the drag queen.  Sushi is a local celebrity and is best known for dropping onto Duval Street in a high heeled shoe each New Year's Eve.
Heat 1 is underway and with that we decide to get out of the heat and the crowd.
Well it's not a visit to Key West without a Woman Goin' Crazy on Caroline Street.
Trying to get in a little beach time.
Fogarty's Restaurant.  We ate there and it was VERY good but a local told us that this was once the location of the Key West Hooters which only lasted 9 months (Key West prefers the unique to chains).
Waiting for our table at the A&B Lobster House (great meal).  Coincidentally, this was Prom Night in Key West so that was entertainment for us.
The sign says, "No Dogs Allowed" yet clearly the dog is in.  I thought it was classic Key West and couldn't resist taking a picture.
Today we go for the pool -- closer and easier than the beach.
We got a tip from someone we met our B&B that we should visit the Butterfly Museum.
It was really pretty neat walking around with hundreds of butterflies all around.
You would have to go to understand how relaxing this could be and a season pass is probably cheaper than a message.
Still inside with the butterflies.
These were cool but hard to photograph because they closed up with they landed but this one is injured enabling us to get the photo.
Heading out for the evening as we try to enjoy ourselves before reality comes calling again.