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Myrtle Beach - 2007
Scott's mom and dad wanted to get the whole family (their kids and grandkids) together for a beach trip.  Of course, kids love the beach so we thought it was a great idea.  Plus, they foot the bill for the room.  What a deal!  It was nice to be on vacation together.  Everyone had a good time and the kids are already asking when we are going back.

Foster thinks the ocean is cool - and perhaps a little chilly as well.
Let's hit the beach dudes!
Auburn turns for the camera.
Scott's just arrived back from Japan but there is never a bad time to be at the beach.
Sand castle time.
Auburn was near impossible to pull away from the beach.
Trying to get a family portrait before dinner.
Auburn away from the beach and into the lazy river.
Putt-Putt is required at Myrtle Beach you know.
Auburn just watched.
Foster pratices his little Tiger pose.
Well, yes, Scott and his sister have the same tongue (it's a family stupid human trick).
More madness.
Thank you mom and dad for the room and a nice vacation with the kids.
Buffy takes it easy away by the pool away from the sand.
Foster tees off.
Another favorite beach trip activity -- go carts!  Auburn and grand-daddy claim to have won the race.
Foster and Scott were formidable competitors of course.
We celebrated Foster's 6th birthday during the trip.
He is quite good about accepting clothes as well as toys. It wasn't hard to pretend with this CARS shirt.
Look what I found.
Maybe there's more.
Auburn enjoys the view from the balcony.
Here are the kids with cousin Haverly and grandparents on the beach.
Auburn deliriously tired and trying to stay awake but tormenting grand-daddy.
I'm not tired.  I'm just cute.
World's largest sand castle.
Auburn back in business.
Whoa, that was a big one!
Foster at low tide.
Yippee, I love the beach!
Brother and sister really do get along quite well and are pretty close -- so far at least.