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Alaska, July 2008
Buffy's parents moved to Alaska in the summer of 2007.  Buffy visited that November but this was the first time for the whole family to make the trip.  The kids fared well and we had a good time visiting and site-seeing.  We just needed more time of course!!

Foster awaits boarding time.
Yeeha, we've arrived in Fairbanks!
The Gov. and a future Pres.?  We saw her at a picnic in town.
Pops' handcrafted pens, bottle stoppers and S&P grinders for sale at local shop.
Downtown Fairbanks fountain and statue.
Flowers at the visitors center.
The kids wait to board for a river boat cruise.
Nice log cabin along the water.
Auburn watches the paddle wheel.
Reindeer or Caribou?  I'm not sure.
Amazing coat at an Eskimo village stop over during the cruise.
An older cruise boat goes past ours.
The trans-Alaskan pipeline runs nearby Fairbanks.
Foster proudly displays the loot he found gold-mining.
The kids have some fun the Santa Claus house shop...
...Along with mommy.
Can't get any more authentic than seeing Santa at North Pole, AK!
Here they are outside of Santa's house.
Just following instructions!
Foster watches one of Santa's reindeer.
Enjoying some Alaskan ice-cream.
Buffy and Scott ride the train to Denali National Park.
Foster and daddy on the bus ride into Denali.
Great scenery there which pictures will not do justice I'm sure.
The whole family on an early stop during the bus tour.
More scenery.
Again, amazing views.
A later stop on bus tour - a bit chilly for July!
There are literally hundreds of pictures so choosing the best to post is difficult.
Auburn wants to see things up close and personal.
Ah yes, a visit to the working husky farm of Iditarod Champ Jeff King.
A lot of moving parts here -- tough shot to get!
Foster enjoys playing at a nearby playground.
Mom and dad enjoy a moment in the hot tub on the porch.
Moose siteing just outside Denali.
Quick, take the picture - it's 40 below in here!!!
We gotta go before it really does get back to 40 below up here.